Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lars and the Real Girl

David Arquette's ringer, Ryan Gosling, plays Lars- a guy whose mother died during his delivery, whose father was distant and whose older, now guilt ridden brother, left home and left Lars to the cold old man. Now that dad has died, Lars lives in the garage next to his brother and his brother's charming wife, played by Emily Mortimer. Lars is shy around women but not so shy that he can't order a mail order doll- not a nasty blow up doll, but an expensive, choose your own options, real doll- with correct anatomy. It's creepy but everyone in his life and town realizes that if Lars won't give it up, they may as well accept it. It's an odd premise, and an oddly sweet movie about people who love and accept somthing as real because someone they love accepts something as real. As Lars begins to feel again, a little jealousy over an office mate creeps into his delusion, and he begins to become human again. It starts with arguing with his doll and ends with his freedom. It's a little weird, a little sweet and, well, different.