Sunday, January 13, 2008


Everyone who has read the other 300 movie reviews I did on my last webpage knows that I really have thought Kiera Knightley was the most overrated actress around, except for Scarlett J. It wasn't just her stilted and monotonic (that is just possibly not a word) dialogue, but her annoying habit of making a pouting face everytime she was trying to project any emotion other than happiness. It drove me crazy. Well, someone must have talked to her about it. Because she only does it about 10 times in this film (no, I didn't count). She does a wonderful job, yes, I have to give her credit. She's still distractingly skeletal, but she managed to act her way through it all. Saoirse Ronan does an incredible job as the little sister who misinterprets several pivotal moments in her sister's relationship with a young man who lives in their house, and well, it goes downhill from there. But Saoirse (pronounced SEER sha which is Irish for freedom) is one talented child actor. The weight of the story lies in her body language when telling her tale to the police. Every child in this is very talented and very believable. James McAvoy, who you might remember from the incredible The Last King of Scotland, plays Robbie Turner with such a touching performance that I was a tad teary eyed. It is easy to see how Briony smarts from his rejection of her childish crush. I can't give away the plot, but this is a very solid, very believable film. The plot twists are interesting. And there is enough chintz and floral wallpaper in this to stock a Laura Ashley warehouse. WWII is the backdrop- and not OUR WWII but the one the British were involved in before we got there. When losing 4000 men was a DAY'S loss, not a 4 year loss. Don't get up during the movie because every moment counts. If I had one complaint it would be the score. I have never had a score, except in a B horror movie or Jaws, telegraph the action like that. It was very annoying. But that's a minor complaint. I'd say this is one of the best movies in quite a while.