Friday, May 9, 2008

Iron Man

I should give it 4 stars but we'll get to that in a minute. Robert Downey plays Robert Downey- with a noticeable eye job since we last met. But he does himself so WELL in this movie- he is likeable and is also a superhero of great likeability. Most superheroes are okay as saviours of the weak, but liking them as their "day job" person isn't much of a concern. Downey's Iron Man is really a superhero you might hang out with. This movie really appeals to guys- the whole theater was engrossed but the guys really reacted. It's violent but fun. A little bit of sex, but enough that a 10 year old would say "big deal". The special effects are spectacular. The little sports Audi is so cool that you wish it had a better reliability rating so you could actually own one. For once, the USA is the hero (as in most Marvel comics) and the military is just and good, and the bad guys are truly the bad guys. Now to that .5 star deduction. Gwyneth Paltrow (and her nasally bland voice) gives one of the flattest and dullest and worst performances by an actress that I have EVER SEEN. I honestly believe that Courtney Cox would have done this role justice. Paltrow is almost visibly BORED by herself. She is just awful. When you see it (and I HOPE you do!), pay particular attention to her dialogue when she can't open a door near the end of the film. It is screamingly bad. So other than Gwyneth the Dolt, the movie is just great.