Monday, June 2, 2008

Sex and the City- the movie

No one was a bigger fan of the tv show that I was. And now, the movie! There's good news and bad. IF you were a big fan of the show, and if you have the emotional attachment to the characters, then this is definitely the movie for you. It's 5 years later, Charlotte has adopted her chinese baby girl, Lily, and is still happily married, Samantha is still with her younger guy out in Malibu managing his career, Carrie is about to get engaged, and Miranda is struggling with marriage and a career. It takes off from there. The sets are great, the movie is written VERY much in the same fashion as the tv show (thank the shoe gods) and the faithful can hop along for the ride. It is great to watch a movie where friendships stay firm- forgiveness is given for trespasses and women defend and protect one another. These women understand loyalty. The bad news is that Sarah J Parker has set herself up as the icon- she actually sets this story up so she can have a photo layout in VOGUE in varieties of wedding dress, while her adoring friends look on and cheer. She is so skinny, and not a soft looking skinny but a muscular, bantam chicken kind of skinny. Even with her nose thinned on the end and those Hollywood veneers, she is still not meant for glamour. She has not aged any better than you'd think, and it really is tough sometimes to believe that Big would have ever dated her in the first place. Shallow, I know. But the world is shallow. I hope this movie doesn't win an award for lighting- in some scenes,the lighting is so harsh that even beautiful Charlotte looks a little worn- and in others, the lighting is so soft that the actresses don't even look like themselves. It is hard to believe that a film of this expense has such inconsistency on something as basic as lighting and soft lens work. I'd highly recommend this film for adult women- but only if they were fans, because it won't make much sense if you haven't been familiar with the women. There is graphic sex and nudity- and that goes for males and females. The writing is as good as the tv show. If there IS a sequel, I'd see it.