Monday, July 7, 2008


It's a simple story- little WALL E is in charge of finishing the clean up job the dirty humans left behind 700 years ago, and he is doing it one compacted trash cube at a time. A space probe with a sleek little robot named EVA is sent to find any sign of photosynthesis on earth so humans can return. WALL E is inadvertently brought back with EVA to the base where the humans are hugely fat with hardly any bone mass from inactivity. yada. And on for at least an hour 45. The pro- the story is a little, but not too, preachy, and the animation is incredible. If you only watch the detail in this you will be entertained. Not one detail is left out. The con- the film is 20 min too long. The kids got restless. I got restless. It was like the director was so in love with the animation that he just couldn't stop the film. But it is a wonder to behold and worth seeing just to look for the beautiful ways they used the physics of motion with such precision.