Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ghost Town

Ricky Gervais established his acting style in The Office and Extras. If you know Gervais is in a movie, you can be fairly sure that he will be playing the same character. But, it's a good character. And one you are comfortable with. In this, he plays a dentist who dies for 7 minutes during a routine colonoscopy, and can see dead people with unresolved issues. It's an old story that's been told quite a few times before, but in this, he acts with Greg Kinnear and a sincerely more developed actress than she used to be, Tea Leoni, in a way that becomes touching and sweet. Despite the adult references and languages, there were incredibly NOISY children in the showing we saw. It's an R in some respects and should be treated as such. Also, ghosts of this genre are mature issues- not for kids really. The comedy is well timed. Don't grow restless in the beginning- it will begin to tell a the story soon enough. I'd say go see it- because it never gets maudlin or any more ridiculous than it needs to be.