Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rachel Getting Married

This is a movie that is so simple in plot, but so complicated in character that the viewer feels IN the film. Anne Hathaway finally has a role that requires her to act. And she acts incredibly well. The story is simple but complex-Hathaway is home from rehab (again) in time for her sister's wedding that takes place at the family home. Her parents are divorced. Her father is the ultimate peace at all cost sort of guy, and his second wife is benevolently tolerant and understanding. Her mother (played admirably by Debra Winger) is distant and no longer involved with her daughters- who feel the loss with confused sadness. This movie is not really about Hathaway's character- we, as an audience, KNOW who she is. We are exasperated with her behavior and want her to shape up. The movie is about the people AROUND Hathaway. The way her behavior, and other things I won't reveal, have affected their lives. I've always said that it is a shame that in schools, families, businesses, etc, it seems to be the poorly behaving or performing who get the attention, while the excellent are left to their own devices. This movie might make you wonder why that happens. Don't go to it expecting to have action- you will be part of a wedding, and it will be slow. But it is never dull. If you get bored, then you aren't watching the cast as they each tell the story of their character - beautifully.