Friday, April 24, 2009

17 Again

Aside from the very adult themes and occasional sex references (the movie is a PG 13 stretch, but not quite an R), this is a warm and delightful movie. You'd think that Hollywood has "been there done that" so many other times that they couldn't do a decent movie with the 'adult goes back to teen ager' theme. But it is well done and it works. Zac Efron is charming. Talented and charming. In fact, if he doesn't screw it up, he could be a movie star for decades. He carries the film in every scene with a maturity and ability far beyond his age. He doesn't overact (Miley Cyrus, anyone?)- he just DOES it. In fact, I think that critics who dislike Efron are probably angry and jealous. He doesn't pretend to be deNiro (who isn't that great now). The movie is well cast and that projects the right amount of fairy tale dust to keep the suspension of reality going. I think it was funny and touching in parts, and always well written. Yah, you know what's coming. Yah , you know it isn't real. But don't let that stop you from enjoying it.