Saturday, June 6, 2009

UP (3D)

Do not be misled- this isn't really much of a children's film. Midway through there are some brightly colored birds and some dogs, but it is really a very poignant love story. It is a film that shows us the beginning, middle and end of a love story and then reminds us that life is what happens every day. It is not the big trips or the big dreams- it is the grateful happiness that comes from being a loving partner who is loved in return. And when that life well lived is near an end, we will all lose a partner. It will either be them or you- but someone will go first. And it is the life that is left that can bring joy to someone who needs it. We don't feel sorry for the widower- he had a marriage so blessed that he doesn't need our pity. But he gets it anyway- I am pretty sure most of the adults in this show had more than one tear. The adventure part is fun and the 3D is amazing, but it is the love story that has the spotlight. Bring the kleenex.