Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Switch

I'll tell you what got switched- Aniston's old nose for a new one. In profile, she has hardly any nose left. It makes her look even odder. (Just so you are prepared for that if you go see this film.) On the upside, Juliette Lewis looks like she's taken a bath recently. Enough of that. Jason Bateman plays an inexplicably inarticulate Wall Street guy who still loves former girlfriend and current bestfriend Aniston. Aniston wants a baby but has no baby daddy in sight, so she picks a sperm donor. Bateman switches his you know what for the you know what in the cup. Aniston uses the you know what in the cup and has his baby, yada yada and the rest of the movie shows how alike the baby is to his daddy and how ..oh never mind. You don't want to go see this obvious and trite movie. Neither character makes any sense. The story is ridiculous. And the only good point is the way the little boy actor (Thomas Robinson) poignantly shows how a child really does want and need a dad- even if that dad isn't so hot. Maybe this movie will finally kill Aniston's career and we can be done with it. Oh dear, I must need something to drink.