Sunday, October 23, 2011


You can always tell it's a remake when the woman behind you SINGS EVERY LAST NOTE of EVERY SONG.  How annoying is that? And yes, it's quite a remake- it's full of updated dancing moves and slutty girls, etc. Very modern of them. Dennis Quaid is the preacher dad and Julianne Hough is the preacher's daughter (with what looks like some solid restalyne in the upper lip area making her a little duck-like to watch).  The problem isn't the acting, even if Julianne Hough seems limited to acting with her eyes and not that frozen mouth. The problem is that the story is hugely dated. And there is no way to update it short of putting the entire mess in a Southern Baptist Day Camp where, in some way, dancing might be forbidden. But no, it's still in Bomont Georgia. The music is catchy, the acting is passable, the script is okay and very unoriginal- but  the problem is the novelty has worn off. It really was better in the original. So, spend your money if you will, but you've been forewarned. It is just not good enough to stand up to the original.