Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cabin in the Woods

Let's get this straight- this movie got a 93% on the tomatometer for a reason. Don't ruin it for yourself by looking up a synposis- just go with it. I will say this much- it is far more a science fiction film than it is a horror movie. I am not sure why it is in the horror genre. Five teen agers go to a cabin in the woods where there is no cell phone coverage, no landlines, no other people, etc. And there is murder afoot!
But this is not like any horror film you've ever seen. It is funny, has great special effects, etc. It has gore upon gore, zombies, evil scientists and scary moments. It has the overdone musical score, too.  It deserves a good rating from me mostly because it is inventive, well written and clever. Not something you often see.  Unlike the Scream series, it truly has something to think about at the end. If it were YOU, what would you do? I can't say much else because anything else would spill the guts, so to speak. By the way, my answer to that question is not the noble one.