Friday, June 8, 2012


Just before Warrant Officer Ridley goes about alien stomping, she must first have a reason to have stumbled upon them. Now, I could be wrong, but that is what this movie is all about. It takes place in 2093- which is a HUGE form of wishful thinking even if private space travel can get that far. And as in most Ridley Scott films, just don't bother getting attached to anyone or cheering on their behalf. Just saying. Right away, it's just a question of when- and frankly, not even how since most everyone knows going in here what most of the HOW will be. So sit back and enjoy the film. And you can, if you don't mind gross here and there, because it is HALF as scary as Alien or Aliens. And it actually is funny in parts- well, our audience laughed several times. And the best performance, hands down, is by Michael Fassbender. Fassbender, probably in an effort to make us forget he was in Shame, goes into excellent acting mode in the role of a humanized robot who models himself after Peter O'Toole as Lawrence of Arabia - probably to pass the time since for 2 years he(it) wanders about the ship while everyone else is in suspended animation. But you do believe this character- he is stiff and oddly detached. Fassbender is just wonderful in that role.  There are holes in the plot- BIG ones- but who cares- and frankly, you are watching fiction after all. The special effects are fantastic- and the 3D is seamless. In fact, unlike other 3D movies, you are unaware of it. That's good. You don't want guts in your face anyway. Now to the weak part- Charlize Theron. Period. She is wooden and her face looks plastic and unemotional- not in a "cool and calculating" way but in a "I'm sleepwalking" way. And she is far too young for the role. Maybe Tilda Swenson- she has cold bitch down.  But NOT Theron.  Anyhoo, have fun. It's a beautiful film with great detail and attention and the set design and special effects are fantastic.