Thursday, July 12, 2012


Okay- it is funny. The teddy bear a child gets for Christmas comes to life and grows older with his owner. He smokes dope, makes sexual gestures, and in general, is a rather dissolute sort of bear. His owner, Marky Mark, also does those things, but he has a long patient girlfriend waiting for her ring and time alone with him. Since Ted has no real moral compass, it isn't too long before he crosses the wrong boundary and gets thrown out. I'll stop there. This is NOT for kids. It is NOT for young teens. It is a full blown, somewhat hilarious, innuendoed and NOT so innuendoed, comedy.  I did not laugh as much as Alex did, but it's always a good sign when I pick a movie and he laughs more than I do.
It was destined to be funny anyway because, face it, what is funnier than a teddy bear with a bong?