Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Heat

Hahahahaha. Just writing the title of this movie made me laugh. OF COURSE it is funny. Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock could make a movie with the two of them just standing there making faces and I'd be entertained. But put them together as cop/FBI crime solvers, and that is a combination that just screams fun.  Were there a few over the top, not too funny moments? Well, yeah. But sometimes you have to have those because otherwise the movie becomes a sort of torture of too much laughing. McCarthy's character is almost (key word here is ALMOST)  too much, but the fact that she can play it with a wink gets the viewer past the silliness. Bullock is, as usual, the restrained woman who loosens up. A lot. I highly recommend this IF you like movies like this. Most buddy movies have male leads- and this is a refreshing change. Just don't expect a cerebral experience of any kind and you'll do great.