Friday, February 7, 2014

August:Osage County

Oh Jeez. This has a huge cast- Streep, Roberts, MacGregor- even Margo Martindale. But it never loses the feeling of "watching a play". Lots of plays are made into movies and are given the sort of nuances that only a movie with close ups and lots of scenery can do. But this never, ever stops feeling like an overacted, overprojected play.  And it is so ANGRY. The looks are angry, the words are angry, the actions are angry. the family is angry. If you leave the theater feeling exhausted, well, you are only human.
On that note, I'd say rent it. I'm late with this review, so maybe you got lucky and missed it on the big screen. I was just so sad I was sitting there. We all know people who can dish out anger in person if you need a dose of it, call them- it'll save you a lot of money!