Saturday, October 4, 2014

Gone Girl

I once had some great advise from a creative writing teacher. He said "when you write your story, make sure you can see it on the movie screen". That was the feeling I got the whole time I was reading Gone Girl (2 years ago thus making this movie an almost record breaking novel to movie release).  The book is a page turner. In it, I grew to dislike both characters. I never pictured Ben Affleck as Nick in my mind. Too smarmy, too smug, too arrogant, too boring to watch- it is all over his natural physiognomy. And yet, Affleck makes it work. Somehow, he almost makes me like him. His wife, Amy, is played by the very lovely and believable Rosamund Pike (Bond girl, Jack Reacher girl) who, at 37, looks all of 24. She is absolutely crazy in this movie, and despite her pretty but also bland face, she manages to use her crazy eyes to convince us of her insanity. She is very believable. I think that Neil Patrick Harris is woefully miscast as Desi. He just isn't weird and creepy enough. The best role is that of flamboyant lawyer, Tanner Bolt, played by a wonderful Tyler Perry. I hope he gets a best supporting nomination. He is great and made for the role. Why do we get so entertained by flamboyant lawyers?? If you've read the book, and really you should, then you will know everything that happens. The deviations from the plot are so minor (especially if you read the book 2 years ago )you won't even notice them. It is a long movie, violating every rule of the flickerchick's movie guide, but it is worth it. Go see it.