Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I like Amy Shumer, and I really, really like Bill Hader. But for the life of me, I don't know why Amy Shumer has to be gross. It isn't necessary. She can tell the story without the sort of off-putting "I'm a slut and you'd better like it" act. There are a million ways to be funny without having to degrade yourself. I saw Shumer in Vegas- she was funny, until it got sort of boring. This movie is the reverse. The beginning is as boring as watching golf- except it is watching boring sex. But then it grows to be a real story that has real feeling. Bill Hader's physician character is, of course, far nicer man than Shumer's character would seem to need. The ending feels contrived because it IS contrived. I know that Shumer is everyone's favorite female shock comedian, but I think she really is better than that. And in fact, she is much funnier when you can relate to her.  So get past the first 25 minutes, and you'll see a decent film that stops being a comedy act and starts being a fun and sort of nice movie.