Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Let's say, for a moment, that I could write this review merely by suggesting a subtitle: "My Big Fat Lebanese Monsoon Wedding". Because those 2 movies must have made BIG contributions to this movie- particularly Monsoon Wedding. This is a movie about women. And they are each loveable and strong and loyal to one another. The setting is Beirut. And we are reminded again that there are countries that are highly developed, complete with world class universities, but the infrastructure and utilities are crude and unreliable. It is a country that still requires proof of marriage for a woman and man to share a hotel room. It is a country where men demand proof of virginity so doctors specialise in putting in a "stitch or two" so it will guarantee a renewed virginity. And it is a country where women know that to love and support one another is what keeps their lives not just bearable, but vibrant. It is an interesting movie, and in some ways a romantic and sweet movie, and it is beautifully acted. I would say that, especially for women, it is worth 4 stars.