Friday, April 25, 2008


In this film, Ben Stein talks about the oppressive censorship in the hallowed halls of academia when science expresses an interest in Intelligent Design (from any source or origin) as a way to investigate the unanswered questions of Darwinism. Now, with electron microscopes and detailed biological data, we can see the brilliance, order and intricacy in the tiny human cell. We can also see that Darwinism is, to some extent, relatively quaint - adequate to a point, but unnervingly incomplete. Ben Stein is a brilliant man. No one can doubt that he has made a living thinking and wondering and learning. He is a scholar and writer. And he comes across as far smarter than most of the Darwinists in this film. And it mystifies me as to how the mass media film reviewers would give Michael Moore and Al Gore a pass on their inconsistencies and exaggerrations, but criticize Stein for his allowing these academics to hang themselves. Truth? Maybe we can never find how we got here. But to gag (fire!) the dissenters- to assume that only humans can explain humanity- well, is there a gene for hubris? Keep in mind that it is NOT just intelligent design that gets this shrift- it is also global warming opponents and the ADA support of low fat diets to prevent heart disease. The day academia accepts theory as fact and punishes dissent is the day human knowledge disappears.