Thursday, August 4, 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love

I have moments where I think I have turned into the Grinch with a mere dash of kindness. Oh, I know, there are truckloads of people who think this is the best movie they've ever seen. I saw this at our IPic theater- you know, the recliner chairs, complimentary popcorn (sort of), reserved seats, no kids under 21. That alone should have softened up my black heart. But it didn't. Maybe it made it worse- because I expected SO much more. It is a comedy- except when it is pathetic and manipulative. I laughed. I got through it. It wasn't a BAD movie. I try not to judge the people who think it was great- but that doesn't mean it was great. It has very slow moments, and it is NOT sweet. There is a sadness throughout it- the people are relatively pathetic. Their relationships are sort of pathetic. Covering it up with a few jokes and sight gags doesn't change the story line. But since most people obviously don't feel like I do, and if you can take Julianne Moore's usual schtick (weep and laugh, weep and laugh), then go see it. You can read the summary anywhere online. This is the only review that should serve as fair warning- I told you so.