Friday, July 29, 2011

Captain America

I really liked Captain America (in 3D). It was clever, retro, funny, sharp, well edited and tightly scripted. Sure, it's a comic book story. I get it. But it's also very sweet in some spots and yet, it also has enough action to keep you reminded that this is an adventure film. There were no drawn out plot contrivances (like the kind that made me dislike Inception). No heavy thinking. Just sit and have fun watching it. I loved the cast- most of whom you can recognize from such shows as Desperate Housewives- even Anne Boleyn from the Tudors was there in a bit part. But really, except for Tommy Lee Jones and a small part by Stanley Tucci, you can relax and enjoy the movie because you won't be looking at "stars".  I think it was fun. Just like a great comic book should be. I was a little sorry when it was over.