Sunday, July 10, 2011

Horrible Bosses

This movie is a huge hit at the box office. Hmmm. There are 3 guys, all with ridiculously bad bosses- never mind that they really could quit, never mind that their bosses could all be fined for HR violations, etc. The guys try to hire a hit man then decide to try to kill one another's bosses. This story is a comedy- except that for the first half, it isn't.  If reviewers were totally honest they'd tell you to watch the first 15 minutes, then come back about 20 minutes later and enjoy it when it gets really funny. Is it worth it? well, yes, because the last half is realllllly funny. I don't like Jennifer Aniston, so my review of her performance might be unfair. She is dull. DULL. Her voice is always a monotone and with the botox and fillers, her face doesn't move too much either. And the storyline there is ludicrous.  Jason Sudeikis is great, as is Jason Bateman. I have no idea who that third guy was. If he does another big movie, I'll bother to learn his name.  Jason Sudeikis is cetainly the all-American guy (hard to believe his uncle is the guy Norm on Cheers). Bateman is  almost a leading man.  There are a lot of cameos- my fav was Ron White. It isn't consistently funny, but it is worth it to sit through. I am not going to jump on the "awesome" band wagon.  So, see it, but don't worry if you have to get up to walk the lobby at times.