Friday, July 22, 2011

Harry Potter 7.2 (the Deathly Hallows)

Sadly, this wraps up the HP series. We've seen little Daniel Radcliffe go from being the worst child actor ever cast in a film series to being little Daniel Radcliffe, the actor who took his clothes off on Broadway in order to show his magic wand. But this is the final installment, and it is as exciting as it is explanatory. If you have never read a HP book, you might consider yourself a Potterphile- but that would be impossible. Because though the movies are very true to the books, the magic and wonder of the books is in the elegance of writing that is done by J K Rowling. I've read many, many books- some under the duress of a deadline- and not ONE equals the mastery of this series (Keeping in mind I am a huge fan of Dante and love the Inferno). Her books are perfect and should not be read by children who are not ready to read them- there is a progression. And in many ways, the movies are, too. HP7.2 is a dark telling of the battle between good and evil. And the special effects are awesome.  Does the flickerchick have a criticism? Wellllllll, of course- gather round. Obviously my fellow viewer and I found a few moments of it to be comic genius- but we seemed to be the only ones laughing in the theatre. Sometimes, evil doers say things and they just come out campy. This time it was the privilege of Snape to have a few one liners that sounded like they came from an amateur production of Dracula starring your least favorite PE teacher from middle school. Even Voldemort had one that got me.  Was it the intent of the director to have those lines be funny? Well, that is probably for him to know and us to never find out. But other than those, it was true to form. I will miss Harry and the gang. The quasi-sentimental wrap up is also in the book- and I think it was wise of Rowling to put it in there. It ends a lot of pubescent debate groups right there. It'll give me a chance to stop resenting the fact that I didn't go to Hogwarts. Bye Harry, etc- it's been quite a run.