Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wreck It Ralph 3D

This animated 3D color explosion is about a vintage (can I use that word for 20 years ago?) video game character named Wreck It Ralph. Because he wrecks things. In a computer game. What is really fun is the cast of characters because they are familiar to anyone 25 or older and the parents who put the quarters on the console for anyone who is 25 or older. Even one of the pac man  ghosts is cutely portrayed.  Ralph gets tired of being excluded from the after hours socializing of his video game folks, and he goes on a video-gameland adventure. This movie wouldn't be nostalgic for kids, but they won't care. The WORST and I mean the ABSOLUTE WORST thing about it is the continually IRRITATING voice work of Sarah Silverman as Vanellope von Schweetz-  a little outcast character who runs the entire second half of the movie. It is so FAKE-and so contrived and so annoying. There are so many talented kids in Hollywood who do voice work- why some idiot chose to have the cloying little girl version of Sarah Silverman, I do not know. (I can guess but that's an adult topic).  I'd assume little kids would be even more irritated by it because they've never heard a kid talk like that! But aside from that problem, this is a cute and fun film.