Friday, February 8, 2013

Identity Thief

Well, evidently most of the reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes don't follow the cardinal rule of the Flickerchick: It is what it is.  Don't expect a comedy with Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman to rise to some level of sophistication. Don't expect it to not be predictable. But you can expect it to be raunchy, occasionally time wasting, silly, graphic, weakly scripted and HIGHLY DEPENDENT on the talent of its cast. Luckily for the audience, McCarthy's comedic skill combined with Bateman's deadpan and kindly delivery make for a fair amount of hilarity and some laugh out loud moments.  I had seen the 29% approval rating on rotten tomatoes, but the viewers gave it a 72% at last count- so something is rotten in tomatoland. There just shouldn't be that sort of discrepancy. And I was right. It will certainly entertain alot of people - alot more than 29%-who are just tired of the heavy dramas that have been out there. It entertained me and I am a tough audience. The theater was packed, too.  I'd say you should take the attitude of "do I think I should spend time watching silly comedy?" and if the answer is yes, them by all means go enjoy it. (If I could give an actor a star rating, I'd give McCarthy 4 of em).