Sunday, January 27, 2013

Zero Dark Forty

Katherine Bigelow (Hurt Locker) directs this account of the 10 years leading up to and including the killing of USB (you know the military and government- there is an acronym for everything, and this is for Usama (yes with a U) Bin Laden). The first 2 hours almost do you in because you are trying to sew together the cloth of this intrigue, and you have to work to keep it all together. It's slow going but not boring. Then the last half hour starts your heart pounding and rivets your attention on the bravest people on the planet- the Seals who went in and killed BinLaden. Like Argo, you know how this ends before you even buy your ticket, but this makes Argo look like a child's movie. If you have a grain of feeling for 9/11 and for all victims of terrorism, you will not flinch at the shoot to kill. The criticism of the torture scenes is a bunch of bull- I actually wouldn't call that torture. Now, what the Japanese did to Americans in the Bataan death march- THAT is torture. But we Americans are now a short memoried, let the other guy do it, too nice for words, and poorly educated about war in general- so some people self-righteously scream about it. Well, I felt none of that. I felt the scenes were honest and  Bigelow was directing a story that she felt should respect the truth. Anyhoo, you should see it if you haven't all ready. Be prepared for a slow lead up. Oh, and be SURE to remember the last half hour of the movie in REALITY that Obama was playing his 66th round of golf of his 27 month presidency, and quit after 9 holes to go to the situation briefing room to see how it was going. He knew it was going down yet he played golf instead. If you check out the pictures, the CIA provided a jacket for him so he wouldn't be photographed in his golf shirt- which he doesn't allow the press to do. Who is your hero now? (Just asking.)  Because it should be your brave voluntary military.  I'm giving it 4 stars because Bigelow has guts, and Jessica Chastain is not a pretty woman so she has the right face to make the part believable and does a fantastic job.