Saturday, January 5, 2013

Monsters, Inc 3-D

ACK! I loved it. I've seen the original at least 5 times. The first time, I was mesmerized by the fur on Sully- keep your eyes on it. Each hair seems to have a life of its own.  I adore the story. The only thing that creeps me out (then AND now) is Boo. Odd that I find a pack of monsters to look normal, but the human child seems freakish. Oh well. This is so charming, with just enough monster action to scare kids a teensy bit, that I cannot imagine someone NOT liking it.  John Goodman and Billy Crystal were excellent choices to do the major characters voice work. Normally, I can't stand recognizable celebrities in animation voice work. It is highly distracting to see a character that looks one way (like Nemo) but sounds like Ellen.  Most people probably don't mind.  But it really works here. OH, go see it even if you don't have a little kid to take with you. And save your 3D glasses- they are so much better than the black ones. Much clearer.