Sunday, September 1, 2013

The World's End

Okeedokee- just what IS this movie? A nostalgic movie about an alcoholic who wants to round up his mature friends in an attempt to relive a juvenile golden moment (pub crawl) that was not completed? Or is it a robot movie? Because it really isn't much of either. PICK ONE for crissakes and make a movie. Here's a word of advice- any time Rotten Tomatoes has a higher critics rating than movie viewer rating, you've got a pint o'trouble.  Sure, the Celtic hardcore (I'm Celtic, I can criticize) see a movie with grainy brew in it, they go nuts. "Hey look! It's one of us!" So why ISN'T it a movie about the original premise? The cast was fully capable of doing a funny but serious movie about the people we know who never moved on- a la Dazed and Confused's Matthew McC. But all of a sudden there are robots. At first you think- maybe these aren't real, just a drunken illusion. But then the movie makes a stupid turn and somehow they have to get to the last pub. I'm sorry- despite my love of Simon Pegg- and despite the fact that I loved Shaun of the Dead, Run Fat Boy Run, Hot Fuzz, etc.- I did NOT love this.  Sigh.