Saturday, September 21, 2013

In A World

Everyone in "In A World" looks familiar to you. It is written, directed and "stars" Lake Bell, and lots of other randoms that even if you stay to see the credits, you'll still be wondering how you know that actor. You will recognize the cameo by Eva Longoria- where she has to put a cork in her mouth. I've been trying to get a director to do that to her for a LONG time.  It's about the highly competitive VoiceOver industry, at least on the surface. Otherwise it is about relationships. And it is funny and sweet most of the time. I really, really liked it. The script was pretty tight, the acting was great and the humor was appropriate. I didn't know what to expect- but I was very surprised by it. Lake Bell is charming as the heroine, and the rest of the cast holds up their part of the bargain. The movie flies by- it felt like it lasted an hour, but it was a good deal longer. If you like movies where you aren't hit over the head with a message, then this is the movie for you!!! It would be a shame for such a little gem of entertainment to be passed up by main street theatres.