Friday, October 4, 2013


Oh my. This is basically about astronauts (Clooney and Bullock) who are out doing stuff on the Hubble, and a disastrous Russian miscalculation results in a chain reaction of destruction of various satellites that are thrown into an orbit so fast that they make it around the earth in 90 minutes, wreaking havoc all the way.  Of course, it hits them and Bullock is thrown into space. I can't tell you more because, after all, you can pretty much figure out someone must survive or there'd be no movie. The special effects are awesome! Bullock is the best she has ever been- in fact, she must have been to the gym 9 hours a day to have that body. I'm not even gay but I had a solid appreciation for that. Also, it is short- certainly not more than an hour and a half for the actual movie?  That makes it even better. It is a 4 star movie for sure. And for a little baffling back story-originally they wanted Angelina for this- I kid you not. When she said 20 mill or nothing, they brought it to Scarlett "God I'm boring" J and SHE said no. (Thank you , Jesus). Then they went to Natalie "I am almost as boring as Scarlett" Portman.  At least Jolie has a LITTLE gravitas. The other two- good grief. But the fates smiled on us and put this in the competent and believable hands of Bullock. So forget all the scientific BS in this and just watch it for what it is. The cast is really only 2- and I don't think it could have been done better.