Friday, November 29, 2013

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

This movie cinches the likelihood that Katniss will move from no 2 to no 1 on the list of cat names. I digress.
Signs of rebellion are everywhere. It's the 75th annual Hunger Games- and oh wait, there's a CATCH! Now that Katniss is so popular, and her symbolic mockingjay is being used as a symbol of freedom and dissent, it just might be time to revoke that "once you win you never go back" rule.
So back goes Katniss and the band of 25 year old "teenagers" to fight to the kill.  But Katniss, being a brave and smart girl, seems constantly to be thinking  "what's wrong with this picture?".
I won't spoil it, because if you haven't read the book written for adventuresome 12 year olds, you won't want to know how it goes.
The special effects are great.  The acting is great - though I take exception to the lack of expressiveness on Jennifer Lawrence's face- in fact, the very last scene made me chuckle. She is supposed to be showing a new resolve and determination and what it really looks like is she is going from bored to not so bored!