Friday, December 6, 2013


Based on a book about a Magdalene girl, Philomena Lee, this story is about an 18 year old Irish Catholic girl who commits the unpardonable sin of having a child out of wedlock. She is sent to a convent to be one of the Magdalene women who were literally held in virtual slavery by the Catholic nuns for years while their children were sold to Americans for a few thousand dollars. In 2002, another film, The Magdalene Sisters, was made that was excellent. Judy Dench plays Philomena as a deeply indoctrinated faithful woman who believes in her own sin, and she also plays Philomena as a simpleton, if not an almost spineless dimwit. Lee searched for 50 years but, at times, couldn't stand up for herself against the evil that caused her misery. Of course, and shamefully, the filmmakers did NOT follow the TRUE story. Again, you would be asked to believe a true story told as a lie. I am so tired of Hollywood doing that. This year seems to be one of the bigger years for retelling a good story with lies and hearsay. If Judy Dench weren't so good in this, it would be a sad retelling indeed. Please do me a favor- read the ACTUAL story of Philomena Lee before you see the movie. She found where her son was (actually her daughter JANE found her brother by searching the internet!) before she ever contacted a reporter. Her son's significant other was welcoming and kind to Philomena. Her son was HAPPILY working for the Republicans. etc etc. Don't fall for this as a true retelling- it is not.  I won't give it 92% like everyone else (obviously rated by people who don't feel cheated by needless Holllywood BS used to make political points or by writer's manipulating people by outright lying) However, if it makes the audience aware of the abysmal and hateful treatment of unwed mothers all over the world, then it is worth sitting through.