Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Wolf of Wall Street

Awwww, geez. We've seen it all before. Though this is brilliantly cast, the story is old. In order to keep your interest, there is one orgy scene after another. Mostly naked women, not naked men, As usual. There is a lot of frantic drug activity, bizarre and manic sexual behavior, strange dialogue and ridiculous situations- leading one to believe that the director (Scorsese) mostly wanted to watch naked women having sex with often fully dressed men. I can't decide- it is THREE HOURS which automatically puts it on the Flickerchick's DO NOT SEE list. If you can't say it in 2 hours, it better be the best movie ever made. It is exhausting to watch- endless and inexplicable. The story is simple enough- "based on" is also a pet peeve of mine. People leave the theater thinking they know the story. Names were changed. Who cares? If you saw Boiler Room- then you've seen this movie all ready. Did Scorsese not remember Boiler Room?  Was it not good enough for him? Well, this is not an improvement. It is a self-indulgent, somewhat pornographic, drug glorifying chance for Scorsese to show what he can get actors to do. I don't get all the good reviews- it is a one trick pony. Of course, Leonardo DiCaprio is still fun to watch as he turns the corner to middle age. It is obvious when a body double is used, however. If you like Leo, then there is lots of him- in virtually every scene. But if you've seen Boiler Room, then skip it. Or at least wait until it is on cable and you can hit pause. I'll give it 2 stars because the actors made it through in one piece.