Friday, January 10, 2014


Apologies to the flickerchick fans, far and wide. I had a little surgery on my HEAD last week, and it made me forget I'd even SEEN Nebraska.  Then a tv commercial today made me sit up and say "what the hell? I didn't review it and I'm sure I saw it!" So here you go. It's all coming back to me.
This is a great movie- everything about it is worth seeing. Bruce Dern plays an old guy who is convinced he's won the equivalent of the publisher's clearing house scam. He is determined to pick up his prize in Nebraska. His beleaguered son, played by Will Forte, just finally gives up and piles the old dude into the car and takes off. Forte does a touching job of putting up with the misery that old age has brought to his dad, and to the rest of the family by default. The scenery feels as bleak as the situation. But somehow, as usual, Alexander Payne makes a movie that draws the viewer in. There is some humor, but it is tempered by the desperation of small towns that have faded from their hope and glory days.
I really think this was a breath of fresh air. Payne is such a great story teller. I hope you go see it. There is so much more here than in a lot of the other current releases.
Apologies again for not reviewing it sooner.