Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bad Words

What the hell? How can this movie even be allowed? Here ya go- if you don't feel uncomfortable to the point of queasy watching a trashy prostitute show a young boy her huge breasts, then I'm a little worried for you. There is a sad and woeful immaturity, meanness and mental illness to this movie. It isn't a comedy- you will know that because if you laugh, you'll feel awful that you did. I am sorry we paid money to see it. It is supposed to be funny when Bateman slips alcohol to the kid. Not a sip- an entire tumbler or two in a bar. If Bateman had done this with maybe a 15 year old, I could see some adolescent humor (or not) or edge to it. But this kid is a CHILD- in real life, he is now 9 years old.  What exactly is this movie trying to be? Bateman's character is SO unlikeable and so disgusting, that it is hard to excuse his behavior or feel sorry for his backstory. He's in a spelling bee that he technically qualifies for because he didn't finish the 8th grade. But the twist at the end is something you see coming from a mile away. He sabotages his competition with idiotic remarks and pranks.  I could even forgive that. I don't even care if the kid used a green screen and never saw the prostitute.  The entire theme of this movie is grossly immature- it is no adult/child buddy movie for certain. I assume you have now gotten my point. I'm just surprised there weren't police visiting the set. Ewwwww. If you read my reviews, you know I'm not some prude. So it's up to you, of course.