Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Muppets Most Wanted

What is wrong with movie reviewers in general? They are snobs. Take this movie, for example. I've seen the Muppet movies- every last one. I'm relatively famous for yelling "light the lamp, not the rat, light the lamp, not the rat" for no reason whatsoever. I have  The Art of the Muppets poster framed and hanging in the hallway from the New Orleans exhibit loooong ago. And I can even cry when I think of Jim Henson.  In my mind, there is no really bad Muppet movie, and there is no point comparing the movies to one another.  Now, to break the point I just made, I liked THIS one the best. I laughed out loud, tapped my toe to the catchy music and very funny lyrics, and I especially loved the silly plot.  In fact, if "I'm Number One" isn't nominated for an Oscar, well, then I am boycotting. So what if it is predictable? That is, after all, a relatively stupid criticism for a movie starring a bunch of muppets. There are a few references to classic cinema, art, some Cold War references, etc. What's not to like? nay- I say LOVE about the muppets. So, if your heart is merely a lump of coal that must be squeezed like an accordion to feel joy, then don't see it. But if you love the muppets and musical numbers and silliness, this is your 3.5 star movie of the month. Screw the reviewers. (except for me)