Saturday, April 12, 2014

Draft Day

Going on here with the motto of "it is what it is"....Kevin Costner looking natural, a really botoxed or somethinged Jennifer Garner, the cast offs of a lot of HBO/SHO series, a pulled tight Ellen Burstyn, and Denis Leary looking a lot like your older PE teacher at a girls school, share the somewhat fast paced action in this sports film about football Draft Day for the NFL.  It takes a while to get going, but once it is all figured out, it is sort of fun.  There is not much meat to it- you won't walk out wondering how the world could produce such amazement and emotion. But it is what it is- a sort of guy movie about draft day negotiations with a teensy bit of romance, some dearly departed dad/adult son issues, a few mommy moments, and a lot of phone calls and BS.  I sat long enough and listened well enough to get pleasantly entertained by it. It's pretty easy to watch, and you'll feel okay that you saw it. If you like Kevin Costner- you'll like the movie.  So there is your info. If you bring your significant male other, they will love it, but they will say, at least twice, "what did Jennifer Garner do to her face? It is frozen." Yep. It sort of is. Maybe ladies, if you get bored, you can drink every time you notice someone who has had bad work done!