Sunday, May 18, 2014


Nicolas Cage does a great job as Joe, an ex-con who runs a crew that takes down the scrub trees so that the logging company can plant healthy, saleable trees. He meets a hard scrabble, hard luck kid who wants to make money for his derelict father in order to help support his family. Joe respects the kid and takes him as a crew member. As the kid's family life story unfolds, Joe sees his chance to keep this angry kid from being like Joe.  This is an indie film- a film so bleak at first that I thought it would never get to the point, and I might as well leave. Some indie films do that- self indulgence. But once the action starts, it is a dark, violent and somehow great story.  I really enjoyed this. It was a very limited release last month, so you may have to watch it on Netflix. But if you like Nicholas Cage, and sometimes I do, this is one of his movies that is a must see. Just don't worry about missing a little of the beginning.