Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Holy Mutant Amphibians! Godzilla is a spectacle. The story is pretty funny if you take it at face value, so just suspend your belief entirely. The story is also thin and kind of weak. But the special effects are awesome! I hear the Japanese think the American version of Godzilla is humiliatingly fat. I personally don't think so- but then I'm a little chubby myself and just don't notice it. Maybe he just has more radiation to eat now.  I don't know. If you are a fan of special effects and adventure- then go see it. If not, then don't, because that is mostly what it is. Some people have written some rather grandiose reviews of this- like "a story of human courage". Naw- I think Zero Dark Forty and Lone Survivor do that. This is more like saving the world one lizard creature at a time.