Tuesday, May 27, 2014


When will Seth Rogan stop making movies that are ridiculously immature attempts at comedy? And by the way, this is a step back for the far more adult looking (yet still handsome) Zac Efron. Though I guess coming out of rehab means doing what you can until everyone forgets you might be a risk.  In the several scenes, you can see that Efron really did act his way through this, while Rogan mugs and goofs. Even Rose Byrne sort of embarrasses herself here as a breast feeding mother who goes to a frat house to flirt, get drunk and party. There are a few laughs- but mostly it is a curiously ugly movie about immature adults who don't really do a very good job as parents.  Now, on the other hand, the BABY in this (played by alternating twins) is so adorable that you wish they'd just filmed her for 2 hours. She is adorable.
Listen up, Seth Rogan- your younger "twin", Jonah Hill, has found a way to escape the trap in which you find yourself. Go talk to him, fire YOUR agent and get his, and stop taking these stupid roles.