Sunday, May 18, 2014

Million Dollar Arm

Jeez Louise- I love a lot of things about India. I like Indian movies, Indian food, Indian colors, Indian clothes, Indian décor (as in lots of lights and flowers), and how Indians (at least the ones in movies) keep their families close and give their children a sense of family integrity. I don't usually like "based on a true story" because I'd rather know the TRUE story. I don't like audiences carrying away ideas about something that is real, but they've been given a made-up version.
In order to save their fairly new sports agency, J B Bernstein (Jon Hamm) and his partner, Aash, convince a Japanese investor to fund a "Million Dollar Arm" pitching competition to recruit players from India with talent and get them into the MLB. Much of the actual story line is true. I searched in the ether for the part that wasn't and really got tired. So maybe this fake true movie is more true than fake.  I think this is a guy movie for the baseball dreams, and a girl movie for the lovely ways that Indians interact with their families. Despite poverty and massive overpopulation, they get along. I'm sure the movies only show the good side (except for Slumdog Millionaire which showed it all), but the good side of India is so good sometimes.  It is overly long; the romantic part (though true) is unnecessary and drags out a lot of it.  It is a good story. And it is worth seeing unless you have your heart set on Godzilla. Like me.