Tuesday, May 27, 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past

First of all, why did they name this after a Moody Blues album? (Much as I love that album). Oh well.
I've seen every one of the X-Men franchise movies. Every one. I liked them all. But I like this one the best. It moves from the present to the past rather seamlessly, and gives us a reminder of the younger crew. There is a lot of action- an epic battle or two, subterfuge, and a great deal of intense action and acting. I really liked it. I would have even seen it twice. Jennifer Lawrence finally found a way to act around her bland face and bland voice- she reprises the role of Mystique/Raven and gets to change into something interesting. Brava!  I think everyone should see this unless loud noises and creepy things bother you. I have the feeling there will be one more movie made. And I'll be there for that one, too.