Friday, September 4, 2015

Queen of Earth

Sweet Cheesus- this was a mind numbing, annoying, slow and ridiculous movie. I am SO disappointed in Elisabeth Moss- she has become the poster child for annoying women in film. Mad Men gave her such a head start, and she keeps stomping on it with these pretentious, slow, angst ridden movies. This woman loves a good cry. I'm not saying she has to be a comedian, but for god's sake, get OVER yourself, Mistress Thespian. Being a good reviewer, I went to rotten tomatoes to read what other people saw in it. Amazingly, no one seems to agree on what this is about. Seriously- some say it was angst ridden because Moss's character can't take the memories of a previous visit to this lake house. Some say it was her deterioration and disappointment with her life. Etc.Etc. I say that this movie is overwrought, lugubrious (a nod to my high school vocab teacher), and self-indulgent. Critics LOVE that crap- and that is why I am here. To save you from it. If you go to see it, bring a book and sit in the back and read.