Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hail Caesar!

Could this be worse? Well, maybe. But it would be tough. This is yet another pretentious Cohen Brothers fiasco- following on the trail of Inside Llewyn Davis- or whatever the hell that was. I am not sure why some filmmakers fall in love with themselves and then drag half of Hollywood with them. It was a great premise, and a great cast and a really bad script. Now don't go asking yourself how it could be a great premise but translate so poorly to the written and acted word. Here's what you do- you don't go. And you tell other people not to be misled by the advertising. Remember- Clooney did that awful movie Monuments Men (okay that script was MUCH worse), and the deathly boring movie The American. You'd think that you could trust Clooney now- he's done the best and the worst and he should be able to see the difference. Just don't go- punish those people for wasteful spending. Tsk Tsk.