Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Revenant

OH, yeah, I am back just in time for the Academy Awards. Now, we all know Leo will win for this. I've never seen a bleaker movie in which a handsome man looked more like frozen crap. This movie is a good half hour too long. We get it- the role of villain is really played by the cold. I do have to say there is a special irony watching Leo freeze- I wanted to send him some global warming. His face is really frozen- even his runny nose freezes to his face. In order for Leo to win an award, he figured he would have to NOT be so handsome. Okay, Leo- whatever makes you happy. But for the sake of Minerva, be smart and don't let them freeze your boogers. That is just wrong. WRONG. I realize we are supposed to feel as exhausted, cold, hungry and sick as the character- but trust me, after about an hour of it, it just doesn't matter. You just want it over. So it is up to you- I'll give it 2.5 stars for effort- it succeeded in making me sort of miserable for a couple of hours.  That was their goal.