Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Disclaimer- I have learned through the magic of DNA analysis that I have actual ANCIENT Irish DNA. Faith and begorrah!! That means Ireland is a mystical land in which my very distant ancestors wore various animal hides and crooned an ancient version of Danny Boy while worshipping banshees. I'm that Irish. Except for the boozing.  So, any movie where the people want to LEAVE Ireland makes me curious, since the ones who are my Irish Quaker, more modern ancestors, literally said "screw this potato and Catholic infested land" and marched over here around 1608 or something. And if America in 1608 was a BETTER place for them, then it must have been awful in Ireland.  And so, here, in Brooklyn,  the very lovely, and newly arrived, Saiorse (Sayre-sha) Ronin becomes interested in an Italian plumber (Emory Cohen-not Irish).
He's rough and tumble and she's enamored. But then she goes back to Ireland thinking home will be the same- but she opens her eyes and sees the truth. It is lovely and ends the way it should. It isn't sappy like The Notebook. It isn't violent. It is just a great script with some great acting and there is no reason not to give it 3.5 stars.