Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Martian

Did you read the book? If you did, don't bother because this is exactly (well, close enough) what the book says. You know this will be a success, so you can relax. They wouldn't tell this story then kill Matt Damon now, would they? That's no spoiler- that's just the truth. It's fun to watch, and it is now on demand- so if you get tired of watching him eat potatoes and dirt (kidding about the dirt) while waiting for the inevitable rescue, you can fast forward it.  I've walked on Mars, thanks to Hololens- and I think the Mars in the story also looks forbidding, and we are all really stupid to fund any more stuff that takes us there. It is an okay movie that came from a really great book. But if you are into special effects, and a rather spectacular bundling of improbability at the end, go see it.