Friday, April 15, 2016

My Name is Doris

How this movie was liked by 88% of the audience just mystifies me. This is a terrible movie. Sally Field mugs and preens and, in general. acts like a late middle-aged idiot who believes her very young new boss is going to be her boyfriend. Since he is also portrayed as a numbskull, I guess she figures she has a chance. She is given so many contrivances and bizarre affectations that you feel very uncomfortable watching this mess. She dresses like a senile Cyndi Lauper, and talks like Kristin Wiig in those short-arm skits on SNL. This entire thing was an embarrassing mess. Field is so over the top quirky that you just wonder if she was missing a house payment and had to take this role and follow this ridiculous direction. Want to see a bad movie? Here it is.  You want a charmingly quirky movie just rent Ruby Sparks.