Friday, April 15, 2016

Everybody Wants Some

Okay- first of all, you must LOVE (and I mean LOVE, not like sort of) Richard Linklater's style.  Secondly, you must LOVE (not sort of like) guy bonding movies.  Now, I loved Dazed and Confused. Being relatively tribal as a reviewer, let me say that those were, indeed, my people. But I don't really know these guys in this movie- and when it is almost nothing but talking and interacting with one another as guys, it can be a little boring for someone who "wasn't there" in that time frame. My husband really liked it because a) he's a guy and b)he was into sports and c) he was young in the 80s.  The story goes a little all over the map. But there are genuinely some moments where I laughed out loud. The biggest problem is that this guy bonding/college experience movie crawls its way up to almost TWO HOURS. You heard me.  It isn't a bad movie- and in fact, it is probably pretty good for a certain segment of the population. But no chatty, guy bonding movie needs to ramp up to 2 hours. Even guys who GET this movie probably don't want it to go on that long. Edit, Richard, EDIT.
Still, I don't want to discourage anyone who thinks this is a good idea from going. So it'll get 2 stars.  But I have the feeling your sofa at home will be more comfy.